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Raised Planter Beds 2
Raised Planter Beds
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Our Landscape Services

Creative Concepts Landscape Management, Inc. provides residential and commercial landscape services for homeowners, associations, and property managers. From quality landscape installation and construction to maintenance, irrigation repair, and many other services, we trust that you will feel confident that your landscaping is in good hands.

Open the pages below to read about our landscape services. Also, take a look at our horticultural blog for additional landscape information.

Landscape Design Philosophy – Creative Concepts Landscape Management

What is landscape design? It is a philosophy, aesthetic, and functional form of a landscape. These aspects can

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Landscape Lighting – Creative Concepts Landscape Management

  Landscape lighting adds dramatic effect to your property and security for your family. It also can extend the

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Drainage and Erosion Control – Creative Concepts Landscape Management

Poor drainage and excessive erosion can be avoided in the landscape. A good drain will remove surface water away from

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Landscape Features, Fences, Pathways, & Patios – Creative Concepts Landscape Management

  Landscape features, fences, and hardscape add structure, security, and beauty to your property. We will custom

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Landscape Irrigation – Creative Concepts Landscape Management

    Landscape irrigation is very important here in Southern California. Having a well designed and built

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Custom Built Vegetable Boxes – Creative Concepts Landscape Management

Redwood vegetable boxes with a drip irrigation system.   We are fortunate here in Southern California to have a

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