Resources and Rebates

Conservation and Resource programs

Creative Concepts Landscape Management, Inc. will assist our clients, both residential and commercial with water smart incentive programs to obtain information, as well as rebate offers from local municipals.

Get water smart!

SoCal Water$Smart
The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California


Water Harvesting Rain barrels

Rainwater harvesting / barrels can be one way of saving water, for drought years. These barrels can come in decorative form, to standardized utilitarian shapes. Many city maniples offer free and or discounted prices on rain barrels.

LADWP and the Metropolitan Water District are currently offering rebates and in some cases free rain barrels. Many of the local water departments have incentives of their own.

Turf Removal

For those who are trying to reduce water, and make a more sustainable landscape, turf removal is a good option. There are a variety of alternative designs, and materials if you decide to remove your turf. As with the rebates for water harvesting, we can assist you with rebates, if turf removal makes the best sense.

We are excited about is Buchloe Dactyloides, UC Verde or buffalo grass. This warm season grass, give the green belt that most traditional homeowners are accustomed to, while providing a low water solution.

For more information on this warm grass developed by UC Davis, you can check out this link:

UC Verde

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