Applying a mulch ground cover is one of the best things you can do for your landscape.

In natural settings, leaves and branches fall to the ground and are left in place to slowly decompose into the soil. This provides organic matter to the soil with nutrients and improves soil structure. When the rain comes, the layer of organic material helps prevent water from hitting the soil directly, causing erosion. Landscapes are a maintained environment, which can makes things a little tricky. You want your yard to look clean and cared for, and also be healthy. Mulch helps accomplish this.

A layer of mulch also helps to retain soil moisture, which is very beneficial in our dry Southern California climate. Less water used – more money saved.

Mulch also protects drip irrigation lines. Drip irrigation is not meant to be exposed on top of bare soil. This makes it more vulnerable to damage and causes the irrigation water to evaporate much faster. What can be done? Cover it with mulch!

Mulch Benefits:

  • Aesthetic appeal – it looks great in the landscape
  • Helps slow erosion
  • Helps soil structure, texture, and nutrient levels
  • Helps preserve drip lines and optimize their efficiency
  • Helps soil retain moisture – less water equals more money saved

Adding mulch to your landscape is one of the most effective ways to improve its beauty and health. Although applying mulch is fairly labor intensive, no worries, give us a call today to discuss the benefits for your landscape.