Creative Concepts Landscape Management – TendLA is a community minded, team run business. We care about our clients, our team, and our landscapes. Without further ado, we would like you to meet our team!



Claudine Josselyn

My name is Claudine Josselyn and I am one of the owners of Creative Concepts Landscape Management – Tendla. From the time I can remember I was immersed in the garden, flowers have always been my first love!


As a landscaper I practice a plant driven design style. My motto is tend the garden, tend the planet, and most importantly tend each other. When not hanging out with my Basset hound you can find me in the kitchen cooking with fresh vegetables from my garden, or tending my garden. On the weekends I love to go out with friends and do a little dancing.



Edward Ordookhanian

I’m Edward Ordookhanian and I am one of the owners of Creative Concepts Landscape Management – TendLA. One of my appreciations in the landscape business is being able to work with natural local material that you may see every day but can take for granted.

I was born in Middle East in which each family owned a pomegranate tree. Whenever I get the chance, I like to install them in our client’s yards. Not only is the tree low water usage and beautiful but the fruit tastes refreshing and delicious!



Jordi Arellano

My name is Jordi Arellano and I am 27 years old. I have been with Creative Concepts for almost 4 years. I have experience on maintenance, installation, controllers, sprinklers and irrigation. I love working with plants and caring for them while they grow. On the weekend I love playing soccer



Michael Morales

I am a third generation landscaper and a current UC Master Gardener. I have expertise in design, irrigation and plant health care. I love the job and skill diversity landscaping requires. When I’m not in the garden you can find me in my workshop. I spend a lot of time there on personal projects, working with wood, leather, electronics, and more.


Oscar Abrego



Carlos Carias



Annie Lawler


Born and raised in a big, beautiful family in La Crescenta, if you’re a local you just might recognize my last name!  I’ve always had a love of all things gardening, but found a special calm in tending to plants a few years ago and it quickly became a passion (read: obsession) of mine!  I’m well versed in waterwise gardening and xeriscaping as my main plant fascination has always been succulents and cacti.  I’m looking so forward to my part in helping beautify La Crescenta through this company!



Daniel Williams

Where I grew up in La Crescenta was once part of an olive tree plantation, and my backyard had beautiful one hundred+ year old olives trees to admire and play around. That rooted my lifelong love for trees and landscaping. I’ve now been working with Creative Concepts Landscape for many years, helping with communication between our company and our clients. I love nothing more than seeing beautiful landscapes and satisfied customers.


I also write our weekly blog articles!