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Maintenance Packages

Creative Concepts offers specialty maintenance packages. We are not your traditional maintenance company. For most properties, bi-annual check ups and maintenance works best, however, Creative Concepts also offers monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, and yearly packages.

We offer specialized maintenance packages that are custom to the individual landscape.

With sustainable planting and California native plants, a different type of maintenance is often needed. Many of these plants grow quite large, or require specialty pruning. Perennial and wood shrubs such as lavenders and sages need to be cut back two times a year. Rather than traditional weekly maintenance, our plant health care specialists will set up a maintenance plan that will keep your landscape looking fresh, healthy, and true to original design.

Landscape Design Philosophy

Service packages include:

Low voltage lighting

  • In home evaluation and consultation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Repair existing lighting. Convert, modify, and adjust lighting
  • Design, plan, and install new lighting system based on what you need
  • Services to check, maintain, and repair lighting system
  • Switch to low halogen lighting, and low voltage circuits


  • In home consultation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Repair existing landscape irrigation system, or convert and modify
  • Design and install new system
  • Apps and rebates, rain sensors
  • Pressure regulators and back-flows
  • Irrigation controllers, valve repair, rain and weather sensors, remote phone applications
  • Drip irrigation, rotary sprinkler heads, pipes, timers, or convert old system


  • In home consultation
  • Evaluate landscape and overall plant health
  • Evaluate changing needs and overall analysis twice yearly
  • Replace old, damaged, and misshapen plant material
  • Work to keep the integrity of original design layout
  • Specialty Pruning
  • Annual / biannual / quarterly cleanups
  • Brush clearance
  • Container planting, annual color along with alternatives
  • Fertilization
  • Soil analysis, soil amendments
  • Turf care,
  • Water management- hydrozones

All of these services can be combined to best fit your needs. We will work together to bring you a maintenance package that keeps your landscape beautiful and efficient year round