California Native and Sustainable Plants

The use of California native and sustainable plants in landscape settings has become increasingly popular. They reduce water usage and help foster and grow native plant communities, which bring many benefits back to the landscape of the city.

California native plants provide beauty, and are great hosts for natural wildlife, birds, and butterflies. Learn more about some of them in the pages below:

California Native plants - Carpenteria californica
Californica carpenteria

Known as Bush Anemone. This evergreen shrub bears attractive fragrant white flowers. It requires some supplemental... Read More

Arctostaphylos spp.

Known as La Panza Manzanita. There are many species available, from shrubs to small trees, and ground covers. Foliage... Read More

Mimulus aurantiacus

Known as Bush Monkey Flower. This native shrub offers with many varieties, which host blooms from vibrant reds to... Read More

Salvia spathacea

Known as Hummingbird Sage. Salvia spathacea is native to Southern California. Good understory plant, especially to... Read More

Hesperaloe parviflora

Known as Red Aloe. This aloe grows up to 3 to 4 feet high. It blooms through summer. The inflorescence has small rose... Read More

Senecio mandraliscae

Known as Blue Chalk Sticks. This is a popular ground cover choice. Blue to grey color works well in many garden styles.... Read More

Euphorbia characias Wulfenii

Known as Mediterranean Spurge. This perennial is showy with large chartreuse bracts flower which bloom in spring.... Read More